Bakura Sumaru
Sumaru Bakura


Bakura Sumaru


Part l: 14-15

Part 11: 17-18


Mufasa Sumaru (Father)

Inari Sumaru (Mother)

Rio Sumaru (Sister)

Izuna Sumaru (Brother)

Ayumi Sumaru (Half-Sister)


Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu

Fire Style: Blaze Ball

Fire Style: Twin Lion Blaze

Bakura Sumaru is the older brother of Izuna Sumaru, who belived he was the chosen one of the Sharingan. He has the title of the Konoha's Hero of Darkness.


Bakura awakened his Sharingan at age 10, he had the level two sharingan, after a
Sharingan level 2 by dhypnoss

Bakura's first sharingan at level two

year later he awakened the level three sharingan. He awakened Mangekyo Sharingan when he was 13, due to his cruelty after he awakened Mangekyo Sharingan, he later betrayed his home and joined a mysterious organization called the "Ferocious Five" to both spy on them and to obtain power. He allied with Bruton, Shauntal, and Frollo


Past LifeEdit

Bakura was 9 when his half sister Ayumi Sumaru had destroyed his clan (this has the same massacre of the Uchiha Clan) Ayumi has been controlled by a certain someone, ever since that day he vowed revenege over his half sister. One year later Bakura, his father Mufasa Sumaru and his younger brother Izuna Sumaru, Bakura was worried that Rio, his younger sister can not come with them